Undergraduate Resources – Dept. of Sociology

Welcome to the Department of Sociology’s undergraduate resources! Here, you can find a list of scholarship, research, and volunteer opportunities offered within and outside of the department. Be sure to check back for a regularly updated collection of engagement opportunities tailored specifically to sociology undergraduates.

Summer Registration Begins Thursday, March 7th!

The Sociology Department will be offering 8 summer courses:
– SOC 1001: Introduction to Sociology (2 sections)
– SOC 1101: Law, Crime, and Punishment
– SOC 3701: Social Theory (2 sections)
– SOC 4246: Sociology of Health & Illness
– SOC 3251W: Race, Class, & Gender (evening)
– SOC 3613W: The Politics of Eating (evening)
– SOC 3811: Social Statistics*
– SOC 4106: Crime on TV (morning)
*SOC 3811 is a 10-week long course, from June 10th to August 2nd.
All online classes will be capped at 30 seats, so sign up right away! You can view all our Summer courses, meeting times, and locations here.


What the heck is UMSA?

UMSA, or the University of Minnesota Sociological Association, is the official undergraduate student group for the University of Minnesota Sociology Department.

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