Below are research opportunities from within and outside of the department of Sociology.

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Kids Involvement and Diversity Study (KIDS)

Academic Credit is available
Contact: Alex Manning

This is a new, ongoing, and collaborative research project that investigates youth activities, social inequality, and associated development outcomes. The project will explore how out-of-school activities are perceived and experienced by parents and children from diverse and under-represented social backgrounds.

There are multiple opportunities for undergraduates to get involved and gain research experience.

Possible opportunities include:

        • Interview Recruitment, Interview Transcription, Arrangement, and Prep Content Analysis of Interviews/ Focus Groups
        • Gather data about participation rates in Minnesota
        • Field Scouting activity availability and offerings in specific neighborhoods
        • Preliminary Ethnographic work of specific activities
        • Assisting with developing a map of activities in the Twin Cities Metro
        • Analyze and summarize data collected from Activities History Calendar